Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Natural Christmas Tree

Many wonder, is it better to have a natural Christmas tree or an artificial one? Of course, we think it's better to go for a real tree! To help you in your personnal reflection, we list here 5 major aspects where the natural tree surpasses the artificial one.

 The environment. The natural fir is biodegradable, so, following the municipal collect, it will be transformed into compost. Whereas the artificial tree, made of plastic, is not recyclable. It will end up in garbage dump where it will take several hundred years to decompose.

 The local economy. The majority of artificial Christmas tree are produced in factories on the other side of the planet in China or Bangladesh, for example. These are then sold by multinationals. On the other hand, natural fir tree are produced in Quebec and sold by local people.


 The tradition. At the beginning of the Christmas tree tradition, plastic did not even exist yet! The Christmas spirit is based on tradition, customs, charity, human warmth, etc. Which is completely opposite of of a fake plastic tree.


 The smell that emanates from your natural tree is in no way comparable to a vulgar cane sprayer. We often underestimate the impact of smells on a mood, but the sensory impact plays a big role in the perception of the human being.


 The price. In theory, if one reuses its artificial tree for the whole of its life, wich is 20 years, it is more economic. In practice, few people keep their tree for as many years. The average is around 7 years. As a result, the natural fir tree is more economic.