So many varieties of firs: how to choose?

So many varieties of firs: how to choose?

Every tree has its own particularities! Of course, for some people, a tree is a tree... Meaning that they don't care about details.

For those of you who want to make an informed choice, we will be happy to present you our Christmas trees.

Our classics

The Balsam Tree

Although we love all of them, the Balsam tree seems to be Quebecers favorite. The "fir green" color is often associated with this type of tree. It is well stocked and spreads a comforting smell of fresh fir in your home.

The Cook

The Cook is more blue-green. It is an elegant and very dense tree. The Cook is somewhere between the Balsam and the Fraser in terms of its scent and its ability to retain thorns.


Our newcomers

The Fraser

The Fraser is a very tenacious tree. In the past, we reserved it for the United States because of its good thorn retention, but this year we have kept it for Quebec. The smell it gives off is quite subtle.

The Wild Fir

As its name indicates, this is a wild tree, meaning that it has never been trimmed during its growth. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't charming. It simply has a slightly more original and unconventional style. The main difference is that it is not as stocked as the others.