Christmas Trees

The magic of the Holidays wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree to decorate your home. True emblem of family traditions, its origins come from the 18th century. To honour your family customs, we hand pick each tree we deliver. All you need to do is chose your next tree!


  • The balsam fir (Abies balsamea) is a species of fir native to North America. What makes it distinctive is its soft, flat, fragrant needles, as well as its smooth, greyish bark dotted with vesicles filled with resin. Balsam firs are preferred to spruce trees because once cut, their needles drop less easily.
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  • The Cooks' Blue is a christmas tree with a blue tinge and similar to fraser for its strength. Its short needles retain their blue-green colour and stay on the tree long after it has been cut.
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